HonorBound Motorcycle Ministries Operations Manual

V. How To Apply For Membership

Complete the Application form and Pastor’s endorsement.

Include Registration and Patch fees and mail to:

General Council of the Assemblies of God
Chaplaincy Department
HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry
1445 Boonville Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802-1894

 Starting a new HonorBound MM chapter in a church

If members of a local church are interested in setting up a new HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry in their local church. Contact should be made to the HBMM National Leadership Team member by an interested member or pastor of the church. The team member may be located by going to this link: CONTACT CHAPLAINS. The Chaplain that is responsible for your district will set up the meeting with those interested or have a member of the District Leadership Team set up the meeting.
An example of what the the Leadership Team member will do:

  • Make contact with the pastor of the church for the following:
    • Set up daytime appointment with pastor.
      • Explain importance of pastors oversight even if he does not ride.
      • Explain structure of HonorBound MM.
      • Review biker world handout and HBMM Operations Manual.
      • Bring District Leadership Team members when possible.
    • Follow up with a meeting with all interested members
      • Preferably on off night rather than a service night
      • Invite nearby HonorBound members and district leadership team to attend
      • Explain what HonorBound is about and answer questions
    • Church packet to include:
      • HonorBound MM Operations Manual
      • A Little Biker Education booklet
      • How to start a motorcycle ministry in the local church booklet
      • Copy of HonorBound MM Application and Pastor’s Approval

We prefer to have a service to introduce the new ministry to the church with a patching in ceremony when the chapter is official instated.

Please note: If you are applying to start a new chapter:

If you think you would like to start a HBMM chapter, you should read through the Getting Started page, the Operations Manual, and then contact one of the National Leadership Team. They are the ones that can guide you in the process and help insure that you are prepared to take this next step and can give you any updated information on HBMM. You can find their contact information here: