HonorBound Motorcycle Ministries Operations Manual

Organizational Structure

Local Church & Multi-Church Chapters

Local Chapter Officers

The oversight of the local assembly and its ministries is biblically the pastor’s responsibility, therefore the oversight of HBMM is ultimately the local church pastor. If the pastor is not the leader of the group, then the leader should be designated by the pastor as he would any other ministry in the church. We recommend this form of leadership rather than elected officers. This prevents the motorcycle ministry from taking on a life of its own out from under the covering of the church and is contrary to the goals of HBMM.

Local church and multi-church chapters may have officers as designated by the local pastor(s). Officer designations are to be President, Vice-President, Secretary and/or Treasurer, and Road Captain. You may also use “Pastor” or “Chaplain” patches, however these two patches are reserved for those who have ministry credentials.

Qualifications for Chapter Officers

Along with being a member in good standing of the HBMM, chapter officers should also fulfill the following qualifications:

1.   Have the full approval of the local church and the pastor who oversees the chapter

2.   Respect among peers.

3.  A proven worker and a regular financial supporter of the national HBMM as well as the local chapter.

4.   An organizer and promoter.

5.   Willing to work with the district leadership, sectional representative, and national leadership team chaplains, and to follow their decisions when requested.

6.   Time to devote to the office.

7.   Willing to step aside quietly and peacefully if he or she cannot work within the guidelines, responsibilities, and expectations of the HBMM.

Duties of Officers

If a pastor and church leadership decide to use officers within the chapter, the following duties will apply

1.   The duties of the president shall be to preside at all meetings of the chapter; to cooperate with the pastor to appoint the other officers, to serve as a member ex-officio on all committees; to call chapter business meetings to order, and at all times observe and enforce the provisions of the chapter.

2.   The duties of the Vice-President shall be to assume the role of the president in the event of an absence or vacancy, and to complete the term of the president in the event a vacancy does occur; to be present and/or assist at all business and/or officers’ meetings.

3.   The duties of the Secretary/Treasurer shall be to keep minutes of all chapter meetings and officers’ meetings; record attendance at all chapter functions; take care of all correspondence by the chapter; receive and disperse all monies and render account of all receipts and expenditures; and file monthly reports to the sponsor church.

4.   The duties of the Road Captain shall be to plan chapter routes for tours, runs, and campouts. Each chapter supported road trip should have an attendance record given to the chapter secretary to track active members.

5.   These four officers will also, with the cooperation of the pastor, appoint necessary committee chairmen, as well as all other committees necessary during their term of office;

6.   An expected duty of the Chaplain shall be to present a brief devotion at designated chapter functions.
If there is not a chaplain or pastor within the chapter, then the president will either present the devotion or assign another member in good standing to present the devotion