A little clarity about patches.

As motorcycle club patches are recognized today:

Note all patches need to be done with RESPECT to area clubs
and should not use the names, slogans, or images of other groups.

  • A one-piece patch
    • A one-piece CLUB patch normally signifies a family club, social motorcycle club, etc. IF it has “MC” in the patch, it must have approval of the local confederation of clubs.
    • A one-piece MINISTRY patch “MM” or Christian association patch such as CMA or local church ministries
    • One-piece patches are not allowed to have territorial markings
  • A two-piece patch
    • Can have many different meanings. Usually it is a MC that serves as a support role or affiliated role to a three-piece patch club
  • A three-piece patch
    • Normally means that the club is a Traditional MC club.
      • The top rocker is club name
      • The middle being their patch image
      • The bottom being the territory they exist in.  
        • There are also a few 3pc patch clubs
          where the bottom rocker has something
          other than territory, such as a saying.
      • Additionally a “MC” patch will be on the back of the best
    • The traditional MC is one that adheres to the protocols and traditions established.
    • There are few exceptions,
      but traditional clubs are approved by the local dominant club.
    • The traditional 3pc patch club is not necessarily a 1% club
      or even the dominant club.

      • As a general rule, only dominant clubs or major support clubs wear the diamond 1%.
        Many high level support clubs wear a diamond “13”

Many national organizations in the early 1980”s set policy to unite their “rockers” with their patch to make it one piece to avoid any designation or confusion within the motorcycling club community.  H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group), the Blue Knights (police officers), and the CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association) are examples.

Of the ten million bikers & motorcyclists in the United States, it is estimated that less than 100,000 are members of lifestyle dominant motorcycle clubs wearing the diamond 1% or the diamond 13.

Now what we are going to try to look at is the lifestyle biker culture and its effects on the rest of the riding public.

Why take time to understand the really lifestyle culture if there is such a small percentage of the ten million motorcycle owners in America?

Number one reason…
Even a small percentage need to be reached

Number two reason…
A growing group including millions of American motorcyclist are beginning to dabble in the lifestyle excesses established as core issues by lifestyle bikers.

Cable television is cashing in on the appeal of biker documentaries, and with members of the Hells Angels MC appearing on tv shows such as the Discovery Channel’s popular series Monster Garage giving an image of creative individuals rather than the destructive forces in society broadcasted in the 1960s

Some members of the subculture seem to have attained something of an iconic status.

Members of the MC’s are seen more as pulp fiction characters than as credible menaces to society.

The hedonistic parties of biker rallies are attracting millions of would be lifestyle bikers to drink, party, and have illicit sex at record paces and the fringe element is joining in.