HonorBound Motorcycle Ministries Operations Manual


Servus Fidelis Membership

For some, becoming a member of HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry (HBMM) will be the start of a life-changing ministry. This select group may choose to become nationally recognized members of the HBMM SERVUS FIDELIS. The most important requirement for this membership is a definite call to minister to lifestyle bikers. Currently the Christian motorcycle world is full of groups that have some members very serious about ministry to lifestyle bikers and others who just want to fellowship and minister to motorcycle enthusiasts, but not to get involved in this type of outreach ministry. The HBMM SERVUS FIDELIS exists to reach the lifestyle biker culture. There will always be opportunities to reach weekend riders and those not living the biker lifestyle, but there is also a need for motorcycle ministry members that can and will reach into the culture of lifestyle bikers.

While it is not necessary to be a lifestyle biker, HBMM SERVUS FIDELIS members must be ready to step outside the four walls of their church and seek the lost in some very dark places. To do this, it is very important to understand and respect the cultural nuances of the biker world. HBMM SERVUS FIDELIS members should be known and mentored by the nationally endorsed missionary chaplains and should work with them, as well as area appointed leaders, as much as possible.

Members of the HBMM SERVUS FIDELIS will wear the back patch of the HBMM and the SERVUS FIDELIS bar.

This combination will constitute the back patch of HBMM SERVUS FIDELIS.  HBMM SERVUS FIDELIS members will not be allowed to hold the back patch of any other Christian riding fellowship or club.  All patches remain property of HBMM / HBMM SERVUS FIDELIS and must be returned to area leadership if requested

HBMM SERVUS FIDELIS membership Requirements:

  1. Completed the requirements for the HBMM.
  2. Have been a member in good standing of HBMM for a period of at least 1 year and have shown evidence of a commitment to service within the lifestyle biker community.
  3. Have a call and passion from God specifically to motorcycle ministry.
  4. Complete all training and continuing education required by national leadership, including the following courses:
  • 21st Century Discipleship: Getting Started
    • Getting started right is one of the keys to success in all areas of life, including following Jesus Christ. This course contains practical lessons that will help you capitalize on the joy and excitement of being born again.
  • 21st Century Discipleship: Facing Issues
    • This course contains practical lessons that will help you identify and deal biblically with challenges to experiencing the joy and excitement of a relationship with Christ.
  • 21st Century Discipleship: Making a Difference
    • This course contains practical lessons that will enable you to understand the role you play in serving God and others as you strive to live out the scriptures.
      These courses can be downloaded for free from
  • Read and demonstrate understanding of “A Little Biker Education”
    from HBMM-Narional.org
  1. Have recommendation of at least one national leadership team member and demonstrate willingness to follow instructions.
  2. Support the HBMM SERVUS FIDELIS regional missionary with a minimum of $20.00 a month.
  3. Participate in at least four secular ministry activities annually.
  4. Have pastor’s full endorsement and support for ministry activity.
  5. Members are encouraged to actively participate in all local HBMM activities, and may serve chapter officers if needed.
  6. Members cannot have issues in vocation that would interfere with participation in ministry to lifestyle bikers.
  7. To apply for membership, contact the HBMM Leadership Team member for your region
  8. Currently we do not add women to SERVUS FIDELIS.
    This is not to discriminate against our ladies in ministry,
    but due to the male dominated attitude of lifestyle bikers
    whom we are trying to reach.

Servus Fidelis Basic Information addendum

Everyone who wears this patch will have to earn it.

This bar was the result of months of work by the HBMM National Leadership Team with feedback from 1%ers and final approval by the AG General Council . It allows HBMM to meet the requests of 1%ers without changing what we are able to do with the majority of our members who generally work with motorcyclists in the local church. This is something that gives incentive for those who are willing to work with bikers and not just motorcyclists and will in the future help identify them as such.  In some ways, this is just another safety step by HBMM.

All of these guys in a Chaplain’s region will be known well enough personally by the regional chaplain to give them the patch. It will not come from Springfield, it will come from the chaplain. They have the authority to fine tune additional requirements based on the region they work in.

It is important to 1%ers that these members not have an occupation that is not accepted by lifestyle bikers such as law enforcement, DA, JP, etc. Although people with these jobs may be accepted by local groups in some areas, this is frowned on in the majority of the country. This is a safety issue for the rest of our members.

They will also need to own and ride a motorcycle such as a cruiser, touring bike, etc. It does not have to be a Harley. Metrics are just as accepted.

Additional requirements including working with the regional chaplain on secular events.

They are required to:

  • Be comfortable working with the local *COC and attend their meetings.
  • Be at the *COC state rally.
  • Work at least two more secular biker events. This will be approved local work.
  • Attend the annual regional event in their region.
  • Work at the regional events planned or sanctioned by the regional chaplain such as bike washes, rest areas, etc.

* In areas where there is an active COC ie. Confederation, Council, or Coalition of Clubs.

This is not to minimize those who work only with motorcyclists.
We need both groups.


These are courses that would be great small group or HBMM meeting study material. They are also part of the requirements for all members that participate in the HBMM SERVUS FIDELIS program. You can download these from the HBMM-National website here: