Protocol Basics

These are some things for you, as a church based motorcycle ministry member, to consider when dealing with motorcycle clubs.

They are also things to consider if and when you are going to be around motorcycle clubs.

1. Patchholders are people too. They have good and bad days, they have jobs, families, and normal everyday problems and concerns just like anyone else. Just like with any group, you will find both good and bad.

2. Protocol and Respect are primary rules when dealing with a motorcycle club patchholder.

3. Greet them as you would meet anyone else & wait until the offer is made to shake hands.

4. Never, Ever, Lie. You can refuse to answer a question in a polite manner but don’t make boast & try to be something you are not

A.) “We are a motorcycle ministry & not a motorcycle club and have no intention of ever trying to become a motorcycle club”.

B.) All makes and models of motorcycle are welcomed. Or it’s a brand specific or special requirements club.

C.) We are not a territorial club.

D.) We are a church based ministry

E.) We are a neutral group and do not wear any MC support patches.

F.) Women riders are welcomed

G.) Do NOT brag about how large the local or national membership is.

5. Women in leadership positions or being a patchholder in motorcycle clubs, while not totally unheard of, is very rare.

Most motorcycle clubs would also rather deal with a man if there is business to conduct. That’s just the way it is.

6. If you know a patchholder, don’t throw the patchholders’ name/ nickname/club’s name around like you’re a great buddy of theirs

7. Watch where you are when speaking about them, and never say anything about them in public because you never know who is listening. Stories enlarge before they get back to them

8. Things said between club members is club business ONLY.

9. “SHOW THEM RESPECT.” That’s A #1 with them!

10. If you already know a patchholder, or get to know one in the future, don’t just walk up to him/her and interrupt when they are with other members.

11. A better way to support them and still give the appearance of being a neutral group is to attend only “open to the public” events that a motorcycle club may be sponsoring.
If you feel that you do want or need to go to a “limited event”, then you’ll have to go representing yourself as yourself, preferably without wearing any patches identifying your group. Remember, if you’re wearing your group’s patch, you are considered by everyone to be representing your whole group

12. If someone from a motorcycle club requests that you remove your vest/patch, don’t argue.

The best reply is, “No Problem” & politely take it off

13. Do not wear your Patch into a motorcycle club clubhouse unless you have asked if it’s ok to do so or have been invited

14. A patchholder may not, and many times will not, acknowledge your wife or girlfriend, especially upon a first meeting.

15. DO NOT touch or sit on a patchholder’s bike unless invited to do so. Do not expect the invitation.

16. You want to treat a prospect or even someone you suspect is a prospect the same way you would treat a patchholder – with respect and courtesy.

17. Be aware of the behavior and attitude of the other ministry members who are with you. If necessary, try to take action to avoid problems before they happen.

18. Be aware that problems created in one part of the country by a member or issues with your group in one area have the potential to affect members in other areas and states.

19. The term Brother or Bro has special meaning to a Patchholder, do not call a Patchholder Brother or Bro. Their Brothers are fellow Patchholders and those that have earned that term.

20. Don’t ever touch any part of another club member’s colors, which includes the vest or jacket it’s sewn on.
That is considered serious disrespect, which could cause them to aggressively educate the un-informed.

PS: Motorcycle ministry members have no business being at biker events when the drinking and nudity are in play. Excuse yourself and leave before things start getting out of hand. They will respect you.