With over nine million bikers in the United States, there is an incredible window of opportunity for us… IF we are willing to move out of our comfort zone and embrace the biker and motorcyclists in our communities. By developing a heart for this overlooked group, we can REACH bikers and motorcyclists with the gospel, TRAIN Christian motorcyclists in evangelism and discipleship, and BUILD a network of churches who are enthusiastic about this unusual ministry

We know that without acceptance and a nurturing church connection, new believers may not develop spiritual maturity.  To combat this, AG US Missions Motorcycle Chaplains and HonorBound Motorcycle Ministries are committed to helping you take the next step in developing a ministry strategy for reaching motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere.

Why This Site?

This site is intended to give all HonorBound MM members a place to go for information regarding the national motorcycle ministry of the Assemblies of God.

Members will be able to log in and participate in the forum, blogs, calendar, and download manuals and applications.

Overlooked People

The earliest of Motorcycle Clubs prior to WWII were predominately little more than riding clubs either linked together by type of motorcycle, regional clubs, or type of riding such as cross country touring.

The “motorcycle” culture of today still has some of those aspects… but so much more.


What is HonorBound MM?

HonorBound MM is a ministry to REACH bikers and motorcyclists with the gospel, to TRAIN Christian motorcyclists in evangelism and discipleship, and to BUILD a network of churches who are enthusiastic about this unusual ministry.

Operation Manual Highlights

HBMM Purpose

HBMM’s purpose is to make disciples, according to the great commission, from within the biker and motorcycle enthusiast cultures in the United States of America.

General Guidelines

Guidelines include:
Requirements For Membership, What We Believe, Methods Of Ministry, Colors (patch),
& How To Apply For Membership

Organizational Stucture

HonorBound MM is a ministry therefore it has a credentialed chaplain led structure rather than the typical structure of national officers. It is led by US Missionary Motorcycle Chaplains.

Artwork Guidelines

HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry is the exclusive owner of all materials produced with HBMM artwork and as such has the right to control and/or approve any of its uses.

Artwork for approved uses is available from the HBMM National Leadership Team

Ministry Recommendations

Recommendations For Churches Interested In Beginning Ministry To Motorcyclists.
It begins at three different/overlapping levels:

  • Fellowship
  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship

Servus Fidelis

The HBMM SERVUS FIDELIS exists to reach the lifestyle biker culture. Members must be HBMM members for at least a year and then earn the patch through additional work and vetting supervised by the regional chaplain.
Members of the HBMM SERVUS FIDELIS wear the HBMM patch and the SERVUS FIDELIS bar.

A Church Based Ministry

Requires a Pastoral Endorsement verifying…







Free for at least one year.

Getting Started…

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