HonorBound Motorcycle Ministries Operations Manual

Organizational Structure

Local Church & Multi-Church Chapters

Proper Patch Placement and Rules

The HBMM patch is to represent a ministry that must gain respect and favor from the secular community by being worn by those careful to follow Biblical standards in their walk and Christian integrity in their actions. Before you put on an HBMM patch consider the importance of all it signifies. The level of integrity of the HBMM and the witness of Jesus Christ will be determined by your actions while wearing the patch. What one does affects all of us.

1.   The back patch should be centered on the back of the vest. No other patches are allowed on the back of the vest.

2.   The small MM or RF patch should be worn at the top of the left side front of the vest. Nothing should be worn above this patch with the exception of the American flag with permission.

3.   Name/Road Name should be worn immediately below the small MM patch on the left side. If you hold an office in your club or organization, the proper place to put that patch is right under your name. This is where other patch holders typically look first to determine who you are and what your position is.

4.   Local church/chapter custom or identity patches should be worn at the top right side front of the vest.

5.   HBMM members do not wear support patches for other motorcycle clubs or organizations. Since we are a national organization, someone seeing a support patch on an HBMM member in one part of the country may assume that we all support that organization. Although it might benefit you in your local area, it may cause difficulties for other HBMM members in other parts of the country. Do not wear, display, or attach support material on yourself or your vehicle.

6.   HBMM members do not wear patches that are immoral or otherwise unbecoming of our Christian witness. If you have a patch that offends other HBMM members, you will be asked to remove the patch.

7.    There are no rules or regulations regarding other patches or pins, i.e., memorial patches for fallen riders, event patches, Christian messages, etc. Location of these patches or pins are a matter of personal preference.

Patch Placement