HonorBound Motorcycle Ministries Operations Manual

Use of HBMM logos and artwork guidelines

HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry is the exclusive owner of all materials produced with HBMM artwork, including the back patch, chest patch, banners, promotional materials, etc. and as such has the right to control and/or approve any of its uses. HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry grants a non-exclusive license to official HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry Chapters only to use this artwork, hereafter referred to as “logos,” for promotional purposes. The use of this logo for commercial purposes or for use for any other event or purpose other than official HBMM events is not authorized. (Artwork for approved uses is available from the HBMM National Leadership Team)\

Authorization is subject to the following terms:

1. Use of the logos on anything other than flyers, business cards, post cards, tracts, etc. must be approved by national leadership prior to use.

2. When using the HBMM logo on a business card, the titles reverend, chaplain, pastor, etc. may only be used if you are a nationally credentialed minister.

3. You may not use the logos in any manner that may possibly disparage, bring into disrepute, or derogate the HonorBound MM or its members.

4. You may not alter the appearance of the logos in any way. The logo must stand by itself so as to avoid unintended associations with any other objects, including, but not limited to, type, photographs, illustrations, borders, and edges. You may not incorporate the logo or any of its parts into any other logo.

5. You may not use the logos in any manner that implies sponsorship or endorsement of any other event, product or service that is not directly related to HonorBound MM.

6. Membership agrees to indemnify HonorBound MM for any loss or damage caused to the local chapter or its members arising out of your use of this logo.

7. HonorBound MM reserves the right to review your use of the logos and may at any time require you to discontinue your use of the logo.

8. No apparel of any kind with the logo can be sold and/or provided to any non-member of HBMM. Only fully patched members of HBMM may purchase and/or wear the apparel with logos that are provided by official providers designated by the HBMM National Leadership Team.

9. Apparel with the logo or any portion of the logo is under the direct oversight of the HBMM National Leadership Team.

10. HonorBound MM reserves the right to revoke and terminate the use of logos, in which case you will immediately thereafter cease any and all usage of the logos and shall not use any name or trademark similar in design or color.