The Weight of Another’s Burden

Sometimes we forget the weight that God allows to be put on us when we are earnestly interceding for others. I remember slipping into the back of the sanctuary when my pastor was at the front of the church by himself praying. I remember at times, just hearing him groaning as though he was in pain. I have heard this same sound from other pastors who thought they were alone praying. Later, becoming a pastor myself, I came to understand this feeling. Being at a place in the Spirit to where you genuinely carry the burdens of others to the altars and no words will suffice for the way you feel. It is especially pressing when the one you are praying for needs a miracle that only God can work.

At times, in ministry, we stand as Aaron did between the dead and the living to intercede on their behalf. It is times like this that we find ourselves emotionally right in the middle of what is going on in the lives of those that we care about. The ones who have requested our prayers do not realize how real that burden will become to us. They do not realize that we will shed their tears for them and anguish with the trials that they are experiencing. It is though their burdens are ours. Our own life experiences and the things we have went through with others contribute to how we feel I am sure, but the only explanation for how intense it becomes must be that we feel the compassion felt by a living God within ourselves. This is necessary not just for the pastors who pray, but for all of us who enter into intercession for others.

I have to admit, that there are times when I do not want to enter into intercession because I know the weightiness of such an endeavor. However, the fact that another is in needs drives me to enter in. As much as I would like to never experience such heaviness again, I know that I am blessed to have the privilege to go into the throne room again. We want those throne room experiences to just be one of beholding His glory, but the fact is, intercession is the reason the priest enter into the throne room. If we really want to behold His glory, we must serve His people.