Let the Wind Blow!

One of my daily devotionals yesterday was from Songof Solomon 4:16. It reads. "Awake north wind, and come South wind! Blow on my garden that it's fragrance may spread abroad."

Obviously, we as riders, like the wind or we wouldn't do what we do! We need the 'spiritual wind' from all directions to continue the process of discipleship in our lives…both the cold north wind, that can bring correction and sometimes slowing us down; and the warm, soothing south wind that  we so throughly enjoy, and causes us to not be so sluggish! Any wind is better than the calm of indifference. It is the wind in our lives that shape us and form us, and they are what causes the 'aroma' of our garden to be spread around.

My prayer is to allow the Lord to blow HIS wind upon me from the direction that He knows is best for me. I want the aroma of Christ in my life to be spread abroad, either by North or South Wind!