How to get HBMM local events on the HBMM national website calendar.

HBMM members want to know how to get their events on the HBMM calendar so other chapters will know what they are doing. The following information will help them do just that. If an event is questionable, then the regional chaplain will be contacted before going on the calendar otherwise you will be able to let others know what you are doing so that they can join in or maybe learn from your example.

Anything HBMM can be submitted by HBMM members, but we recommend that request come from local leadership.
You will use the HonorBound MM National Calendar Requests form to request adding an event to the national calendar.
Events must have HBMM involvement and be motorcycle ministry relevant.

Chapter events are permitted to overlap with other chapter’s events, but they cannot be on the same dates as the regional events listed below:

Events cannot be on the same dates as:
* The Rough Rider Round Up
* The Iron Horse Round Up
* The Southeast Regional
* Hot Pursuit
* The Gathering.
These are each national endorsed HBMM Events.
To see the dates for these events, go to the calendar page.


Please allow time for your request to be considered (It could take up to two weeks) and remember that this site is maintained by an active AG US Missionary and responses may be delayed at times. The national chaplain in your area will be consulted when approving requests.

* Name of event
* Address of event
* Description of event
* A graphic should be included that is 800px wide by 300px high or the graphic used for a Facebook event would also work. JPG or PNG

Information about the one making the request….
* Name
* Email
* Mobile phone
* Name of church (where HBMM chapter is)

You can also attach a FLYER as a PDF
You can also attach one additional document PDF or DOC

To gain access to the request form for adding events to the national calendar send an email to:
Calendar@HBMM-National.orgWe will send a link and a password
Request are only accepted from HBMM members

Please allow a minimum of two weeks for review