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An Overlooked People Group

The earliest of Motorcycle Clubs prior to WWII were predominately little more than riding clubs either linked together by type of motorcycle, regional clubs, or type of riding such as cross country touring.

The “motorcycle” culture of today still has some of those aspects... but so much more.

At this point this is important to realize that there is not just one culture when dealing with those who ride motorcycles.

You have

  • Motorcycle enthusiast
    • Manufacture riding clubs
    • Sports bike clubs
    • Regional riding clubs
    • Motorcycle rights organizations (crosses over all groups)
  • Lifestyle biker culture
    • The 1%ers that define the culture
    • Prospects working the last step in
    • Hang arounds that are on the edge
    • Millions that are dabbling as weekend warriors
  • Motorcycle Ministries
    • Motorcycle ministries cross the gamut from the motorcycle enthusiasts to the lifestyle biker culture

    • Different types:
      • Few are full three piece patch “MC”s (motorcycle clubs) and their purpose is to minister within the hard core culture. Generally they require a prospect period and operate similar to a lifestyle club

      • Many are “MM”s (Motorcycle Ministries) and minister with different types of riders. Some are three piece patch clubs and some (like HBMM) are one piece patch ministries.

      • A few are motorcycle associations such as CMA and wear a one piece patch

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